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A small collection of comments regarding this site

Anthony Nolan wrote:
I just stumbled upon you website; Brain Salad Surgery…and it’s an amazing archive of EL&P in their heyday! I just wanted to say that you did an incredible job archiving the LP, Tour and everything else related to B.S.S.
You should take this to the next level and focus on the other LP’s…especially the First 4; ELP, Tarkus, and Pictures at an Exhibition and ofcourse, Trilogy! One of my favorites.
Peace, Anthony

Philippe Gorin wrote:
First of all I would like to thank you very much for the fantastic job on your BSS site; I thought I was kind of E.T. collecting everything about ELP since about 40 years, but you’re the Boss! Congratulations!

Carl Palmer:
Thank You very much for this great website.

Elisa Ward wrote:
Hi Lothar, Being a relatively new ELP fan, I was SO happy to find your website! It's informative, interesting, and has great (and very extensive) info! Thanks so much for a wonderful site.

Michael Leslie wrote:

Hello Lothar, I wanted to congratulate you on your fantastic site. Obviously, I am also a big ELP fan , particularly the 1973-74 period that I feel was their career highpoint. I found the technical information about the tour and the testimony from the technicians and band members most interesting. I have always found it difficult to find good photographs from this tour and you seem to have collected all of them. Thank you for making them available . I have no idea how you collected so much great information about this tour but thanks again.

Wm Joseph Heart wrote:
Just hit a link to your BSS site and am knocked out! A comprehensive look into the making & performance of an epic musical landmark. I was at the Savannah GA 8/’74 show...Unforgettable.

MMGreen wrote:
Hello to the legendary Lothar :-)
So much information on your site -- right down to pictures of my prized pink-plastic Brain Salad Surgery 8-track and cassette tapes! I am in awe of your dedication, as well as your site, of course. Thank you.

Scott McBride wrote:
Hello Mr. Kohler, I have just come across your Brain Salad Surgery website and I am quite impressed! I have been an ELP fan since I was introduced to their music when I was 11 years old - almost 40 years ago! I play keyboards and feel that Emerson and the group have given me some of the best music I will ever experience in my life.
You have put so much effort into your site! I have a lot more to go through, but I see you have gathered an impressive array of photos and history regarding different aspects of the band. So wonderful that Greg Lake has endorsed your work by his statement and including a link on his site. You must be very proud. Thank you for your efforts and I look forward to spending some time going through everything you have to offer. FYI, I live just north of Toronto in Canada. I appreciate that your site is in English, as well, or else I would miss out on your written history. Best Regards from another great ELP fan.

Eileen Craddock (GL webmistress) wrote:
Dear Lothar, your website is very nice indeed and I really liked it. So did Greg Lake, here is his response: 'Please write to Lothar and thank him to create such a fantastic site'.

Les Barany (HR Gigers agent) wrote:
As long as your site respects Mr. Giger`s copyrights and all the use of his images there has been cleared with us you have our permission.

Greg Lake wrote:
Thanks for your support and interest. By all means use the material you are interested in provided that if it is used for resale you attend to the normal considerations. I am happy that Brain Salad Surgery gave you so much pleasure.

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