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Did you know that...


A collection of curiosities and things to know

Did you know that...

...that the band toyed with the idea to name the album 'Get Me A Ladder'

...Brain Salad Surgery was Switzerland's No.1 in January 1974, No. 5 in Austria, but only No. 18 in Germany click here

...the artwork idea for the Manticore record label was taken from the LP Tarkus click here

...Keith Emerson was pretty upset about the printing error on the Wembley tickets click here

...there was a Manticore fanclub in the UK in 1974 click here

...the band spent a week already in May 1973 to record material in a studio in Paris, France

...Norman St John-Stevas (Minister for the Arts) presented ELP with Gold records for Brain Salad Surgery click here

...Greg Lake were arrested by the Salt Lake City Police for swimming nude in a hotel pool (clearly visible from the street) click here

...when ELP's whole outfit arrived in Britain after the first US tour leg it took them seven days to pass through customs. Three thousand pounds was paid in duty: they were checked and charged for every, possible piece of equipment - even drumsticks Carl was given in the States 1973 the U.S. customs value ELP's equipment at US-$ 100,000

...Keith Emerson once said: "When I go on stage I'm a different person to who I am in everyday life."

...a reviewer stated after the Empire Pool concert: "The sound was far too loud. For two hours after the show, I could hear nothing, and drove (what I believed to be) the world’s first silent car."

...Greg's favorite lines from Jerusalem are "Bring me my bow of burning gold, bring me my arrows of desire"

...Karn Evil 9 First Impression Part 2 was used by WPLJ-FM in NYC for the transition section to advertise on television

...'Alexander's Ragtime Band' is the name of a song by Irving Berlin (Israel I. Beilin). It was his first major hit in 1911. More famous songs by Irving Berlin: Puttin' on the Ritz, There's no business like Showbusiness and...White Christmas click here

...Carl Palmer had lessons playing Timpani at the Guildhall School of Music & Drama before Brain Salad Surgery was recorded. He was instructed by James Blades. click here

...Carl Palmer's stainless steel drumset was built by an English Steel manufacturer (British Steel) and had a weight about two and a half tons. The set was engraved with hunting scenes and was later purchased by Ringo Starr at an auction click here

...the Church Bell, hanging from a kind of pagoda above Carl's head, was bought from the 'Aldgate Bell Foundry' click here

...Carl Palmer frustrated a lot of photographers because he was surrounded by so much percussion that he was sometimes invisible

...Greg Lake used a Fender Jazz Bass in 1973 and a Gibson 'The Ripper' Bass in 1974 click here

...the 'House of Vaudeville' is another synonyme for a Variete Theater

...Keith Emerson used 10 different keyboards during the Brain Salad Surgery tour

...the original cover paintings were stolen after an exhibition in Prague 2005 click here

...Howard Jones ('What is love') performed Karn Evil 9 together with Greg Lake and Sheila E. during the Ringo Starrtour 2001 and stated: "Keith Emerson’s classic keyboard arrangement is one of the most difficult keyboard pieces ever written" click here

...the sound of the Honky-tonk piano (used in Benny The Bouncer and Karn Evil 9 1st Impression Part 2) can be generated by using a piano with one string out of tune

...the publicity for the 1973/74 tour described it as 'the most ambitious spectacular ever mobilised for a group'

...the band had problems at the gigantic California Jam concert because of humidity and dampness in the equipment. Deep Purple was delaying the acts by refusing to appear until it was totally dark. The Ontario Motor Speedway is located on the desert, and although it was 90°F by day, after the sun set the mercury hurtled down the gauge at 10°F an hour.

...Keith Emerson's nickname is 'Fingers'

...a whole number of planetariums playing Karn Evil 9 during their laser shows, i.e. the Mayborn Planetarium, Killeen (TX), the Forestview Planetarium, Baxter (MN), and the SMSU Planetarium, Marshall (MN)

...Brain Salad Surgery is also the name for an independent Punk record label in Australia click here

...Hip Hop artist Gordo Templi released an album in 2012 with the title 'Brain Salad Surgery' click here

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