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Limited edition, CD-box made by Disc Union in 2002, containing the first five albums (VICP 62114-18)

front back disc obi1 obi2 obi3 obi4

front back inner disc obi1 obi2 obi3 obi4

front back inner disc obi1 obi2 obi3 obi4

front back inner disc obi1 obi2 obi3 obi4 obi5 obi6

front back inner disc obi1 obi2 obi3 obi4 poster1 poster2

Box with promotional obi. The mouse pad (image right) was given out to promote the release of the Box-Set
and has a holographic effect similar to the Rhino CD release.

front inner back obi mousepad


Limited edition, box made by Disc Union in June 2010 to include the Disc Union art boxes 349
(ELP containing VICP-70148~52) and 350 (Welcome Back My Friends.... containing VICP-70153~58)

detail1 detail2 detail3 detail4 detail5 detail6 detail7 detail8 detail9


Promotional 7" box made by Disc Union, official release to promote the new Platinum CD releases
by Victor Music, Japan. The box containes the three mini-lp cd's Trilogy (VICP-78023),
Brain Salad Surgery (VICP-78024) and Welcome Back My Friends...(VICP-78025~26).

A few dealers in places such as Hong Kong, Canada, and the USA are making bootleg promo
boxes and selling them as legitimate promo box releases from Japan. Record labels and Disk Union
in Japan make the boxes as promotional items. The record labels can make what they want
regarding an artist because they own the rights. Disk Union, a distributor, makes boxes and
other promotional items by asking for and being granted permission to use album artwork
and related artist logos. That is the difference between legitimate and non-legitimate promo
boxes. The non-legitimate boxes are made with stolen artwork, as these bootleggers do not
ask for and have not been granted permission from the record labels or artists. Some of these
bootleg boxes are homemade, some are factory made in China, some pretend to be prototypes,
some pretend to be made in Japan, some claim to be limited, numbered editions. But how or
where they are made makes no difference to the central issue. The artwork is stolen, these
sellers are making money illegally, and buyers on eBay and other marketplaces are being misled
(courtesy by Darius Firethorn, Japan).

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