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Manticore LPs


Manticore Records was not only the own record and production label of Emerson, Lake & Palmer. It was also stepping stone for a handfull, so far rather unknow, bands or artists.

This is an incomplete collection of the Manticore LP catalogue, sorted by artists.

Emerson, Lake & Palmer

Emerson, Lake & Palmer

87224XOT 88180XAT K43503 87.224-I MAL2004 K43503 87224IT 43503


87225XOT K43504 87.225-I MAL2005 43504 K53502

Pictures at an Exhibition

87226ET K33501 MAL2006 87226IT 87.226-H 33501 27699XAT


87227XOT K43505 MAL2007 87.227-I 43505 K53504

Brain Salad Surgery

87302IT K53501 MC66669 87.302-I MAN2003 P-6402M 87302IT K53.501 MC66669 K53501

Welcome back my Friends to the Show that never ends

88147~49XET K63500 MC3-200 MC3200 MNT63500 P-4639~41M AMAL32001~3 88.147~49XG K63500


27081~9 53509

Tarkus, Trilogy, Brain Salad Surgery


1st, Tarkus, Pictures at an Exhibition


1st, Tarkus, Pictures at an Exhibition, Trilogy


Premiata Forneria Marconi also known as "PFM"

Photos of Ghosts

86932IT K43502 ANTI2003 MC66668 P-6398M 86.932-I ANTI2003 MC66668 MC66668

The World became the World

87816IT K53502 MC66673 P-8444M 53502 87.816-I MC66673 K535022 MC66673

Chocolate Kings

27143XOT K53508 7E-1071 P-10089M 27.143-I 53508 7ES-1071


88544IT K53506 MA6-502S1 MA-502V1 P-8540M 88.544-I K53506 53506

Jet Lag

28864XOT K53511 P-10379M

Banco del Mutuo Soccorso also known as "Banco"


88926XOT K53507 MA6-505S1 MAL2013 P-8578M MA-505V1 53507

As in last Supper

28004XOT MAL2015

Garofano Rosso


Pete Sinfield


86901IT K43501 ANTI2001 MC66667 P-8382M MAN2001 MC66667 ANTI2001 MC66667

Stray Dog

Stray Dog

87268IT K43506 MC66671 P-8403M 43506

While You're down there

88543IT K53504 MA6-501S1 MA-501V1 P-8560M MAL2012 88.543-I


Now hear this

87711IT K43507 MC66670 P-8434M

Magic Dragon

88197IT MC66672 MC66672

Keith Christmas

Stories from the Human Zoo

K53509 28310XOT 53509

Brighter Day

88398IT K53503 MA6-503S1 MA-503V1 MAL2011 53503

Thee Image

Thee Image

88922IT MA6-504S1 MA-504V1

Inside the Triangle

MA6-506S1 MA-506V1 P-10146M

Kris Kristofferson

Spooky Lady's Sideshow

MNT S-69074

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