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Manticore Singles


Manticore Records was not only the own record and production label of Emerson, Lake & Palmer. It was also stepping stone for a handfull, so far rather unknow, bands or artists.

Manticore issued new and re-released material by that group as well as new recordings by a number of other artists, such as Keith Christmas, Stray Dog and Italian Prog group P.F.M. Primarily an LP label, it registered a minor Singles hit with Keith Emerson's, 'Honky Tonk Train Blues'. It also found a Christmas classic in Greg Lake's 'I Believe In Father Christmas'.
Distribution of the first few UK singles (prefixed 'HEVY') was by RCA; but WEA took over and re-released 'Celebration' (HEVY 2) with a WEA catalogue number (K 13501). From 1975 singles in the WEA group tended to have a medium-sized 'A' on the A-side; Manticore singles were no exception.
In the US Manticore were first distributed by Atlantic Records (prefixed 'MC'). From 1975 Motown Records took over the distribution (prefixed 'MA') until Manticore were closed in 1977.

Manticore singles were only released in this countries:
France, Germany, Italy, Japan, The Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, United Kingdom and United States.

This is an incomplete collection of the Manticore Single catalogue, sorted by artists.

Various Artists

Stray Dog-You Know / Pete Sinfield-Under the Sky / P.F.M.-Photos of Ghosts


Emerson, Lake & Palmer

Lucky Man /Knife Edge


Brain Salad Surgery / Still...You turn me on


Jerusalem / When the Apple Blossoms...

13072AT 13503 MAN5402 13072AT K13503 13.072-A 13072 MC-2003

Keith Emerson

Honky Tonk Train Blues / Barrel House Shake-Down

16964AT MAN5406 K13513 P-32M 13513 16.964-A

Greg Lake

I believe in Father Christmas / Humbug

16478AT K13511 16.478-A 13511 MAN5404 P-156M

Premiata Forneria Marconi also known as "P.F.M."

Celebration / Old Rain

12725AT 12.725-A K13501 HEVY2 HEVY2 P-1263M

Celebration / Mr. Nine till Five


Celebration stereo/mono


The World became the World / La Carrozza di Hans

P-1308M 13268AT 13.268-A 13505 K13505

Four Holes in the Ground / The World became the World

13439AT K13506

Chocolate Kings / Harlequin


Stray Dog

Chevrolet / You know

12677AT HEVY1 12.677-A MAN5401

Junkyard Angel / Worldwinds

13947AT K13508

Speak of the Devil / A Letter

K13502 13502

Keith Christmas

Brighter Day / Sweet Changes

13644AT K13507

My Girl / Country Farm

13928AT K13509 MA7004F

My Girl stereo/mono


The Dancer / The Astronaut


Little Richard

Call my Name / Steal Miss Liza (Steal Liza Jane)


Call my Name stereo/mono


Thee Image

Alone with You / Far away Places


Alone with You stereo/mono


Good Thing / So hard to say
image not available

Good Thing


It Happens all the Time / Come to You
Image not available

It Happens all the Time



Love knows Everything stereo/mono


Modern Day Religion stereo/mono


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