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My recommendation


I was asked very often for the best Brain Salad Surgery version (in sound quality and mastering) that I would choose for hearing.

That's my personal recommendation:

For a vinyl record I prefer the new Shout! Factory re-issue. 180gr heavy vinyl, perfect sound quality and the original artwork replica make it for my first choice.

Shout! Factory 826663-11054

If you prefer the compact disc, then the Japanese pressings are the best ones. Very high quality (20bit K2 mastering) and mostly extensive covers (often LP-replicas) are the highlights. Here we have in first line the Victor VICP-64566 pressing on super high material polycarbonate sound carrier. Quotation from the manufacturer: "This is the new future of CD... Can be played on any audio player and delivers unbelievably high-quality sound! You wouldn't believe it's the same CD...!


My other choice is the 3-disc deluxe edition from Great Britain, released by Sanctuary in 2008. Disc one contains the original album: Disc two offers several alternative mixes and early versions. Disc three is a hybrid SACD (Super Audio CD) with stereo and 5.1 mix in brilliant quality, but only playable with a special disc player. All this comes finally in a multi fould-out cover with a very nice booklet. A must have for any fan of this album.


Maybe these tipps may help you finding the best for your personal preference. At least it is the finest sound quality that you can get.

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