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Sounds-into-visions competition


Shortly after the release of Brain Salad Surgery, Manticore Records sent out a mailshot to schools asking pupils to design a picture to illustrate their interpretation of the album. It was opened to two categories - fifth and sixth form pupils, and full-time art students. Winners in each group should accompany ELP on a future concert tour.

Transcription left image:
Prizes include an expenses paid tour with Emerson,Lake ans Palmer, plus stereo equipment for runners-up, plus a London exhibition for the best works plus a prize for your school or college. The competition is open to all full time art students, and fifth and sixth form pupils. There will be two lots of prizes for each category.
TO ENTER: Either listen to Emerson, Lake and Palmer's new album 'Brain Salad Surgery' or study the describtion of the themes and illustrate one or all of them according to how it grips you. Interpret the music how you like in abstract or realistic form and send your entry to: -'Brain Salad Surgery', c/o Posner Cox Public Relations, 102,Charing Cross Road, London,W.C.2. CLOSING DATE FOR ENTRIES IS FEBRUARY 28th,1974.
*Entries should be record sleeve size (12"/12") or proportional to that size. You may use any technique and any materials you consider appropriate. ENTRIES SHOULD BE POSTED FLAT, CLEARLY MARKED, WITH YOUR NAME, AGE, SCHOOL OR COLLEGE. UNFORTUNATELY WE CANNOT UNDERTAKE TO RETURN THEM TO YOU.
JUDGING: -Judging will be carried out by a panel of art experts and Emerson, Lake and Palmer. Entries selected for exhibition will be informed as soon as possible, not later than the end of March. The decision of the judges is final and it will not be possible to enter into any correspondence on the decision.
*Your artmaster or tutor will have copies of the entry form and of the themes. If not please write to us at the above address and we will send them to you.

Transcription right image:
If you are unable to actually listen to the album study the themes and lyrics below:
side one: JERUSALEM. Blake's famous hymn arranged by Emerson, Lake and Palmer.
TOCCATA. An adaptation of Ginastera's 1st Piano Concerto, 4th Movement arranged by Keith Emerson with percussion movement by Carl Palmer. Ginastera on hearing the adaptation said "Keith Emerson has beautifully caught the mood of my piece."
STILL YOU TURN ME ON. A whimsical lyric by Greg Lake describing how the performer feels about the female fans in the audience. (lyric)
BENNY THE BOUNCER. By Emerson, Lake and Sinfield, the lyrics tell how Benny, A Palais De Dance bouncer has a confrontation with Sidney, a greaser, and ends up as the bouncer at St.Peter's Gate. (lyric)
KARN EVIL 9. This is the most important work of the album in three impressions.
FIRST IMPRESSION. In a vision of a not too distant and very dark future the lyric writer sees a selfish and materialistic world where the innocent suffer. The scene shifts to a macabre carnival of the future, reminiscent of something from a Ray Bradbury story. The carnival exhibits - a real blade of grass, a bomb in a car, Alexander's Ragtime Band and Gypsy Queen in a glaze of vaseline. (lyric)
SECOND IMPRESSION. A keyboard solo by Keith Emerson expresses the restleness of our times and the speed of change.
THIRD IMPRESSION. Ever since Mary Shelley's Frankenstein man has been aware of the danger of being menaced by his own creations. In this impression by Emerson, Lake and Sinfield, man confronts his ultimate creation the computer. In the ensuing dialogue the computer has the last word "I am perfect - are you."
All entries to Brain Salad Surgery, c/o Posner Cox Public Relations, 102,Charing Cross Road, London, W.C.2.

1500 paintings on the theme of the album's title were submitted by teenage artists. DJ Alan Freeman presented a prize of a week's holiday on ELP'S European tour. The best paintings were exhibited at Command Studios in London.

Joan Bickel, Press Liaison Officer, Tel: 01-935 2941 PRESS INFORMATION 2 September 1974
NAYC - one of the largest youth organisations catering for young people - is benefitting from the Emerson Lake and Palmer 'Brain Salad Surgery' Painting Exhibition at Command Studio, 201 Piccadilly, all this week.
The proceeds are being donated by the famous rock band to NAYC for its Jimmy Savile Fun and Happiness project which give young people in special need an opportunity to spend a free holiday in the company of Jimmy Savil - a vice president of NAYC - following a programme of visits of interest and entertainment.
NAYC were put in touch with the promoters of the ELP Exhibition by The Tea Council, sponsors of a Jimmy Savile Fun and Happiness Week to be hold during Club Week, 19 to 26 October, this year.
The takings from the Exhibition on Thursday and Friday are in aid of the London Union of Youth Clubs and will be used for their special holidays for handicapped and deprived children. Alan Freeman, who is expected at Command Studios on Thursday, is a Vice President of LUYC and takes a close and active interest in their work.
Further information from: Joan Bickell, NAYC, 30 Devonshire Street, London W1N 2AP Tel: 01-935 2941 or Danny Posner, Command Studio, 201 Piccadilly, London W.1. Tel:01-734 0181

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