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Zemaitis guitars


Antanus Casimere Zemaitis, or Tony Zemaitis as he was known, was born in London, England in 1935. As a child he was constantly designing, making and building - everything from model flying airplanes to handmade bicycles. In the 1950s he became a keen guitar player but unable to find a suitable guitar, he studied a friend's classical guitar and then set off to build his own design - the very first Zemaitis guitar! Tony Zemaitis was an enthusiastic performer on the London blues and folk scene and so Tony Zemaitis' guitars found many fans amongst fellow guitarists. This is where his reputation started to became established as 'name' guitarists like Davey Graham, Long John Baldry and Spencer Davis, who loved the great sound and playability of his guitars, became customers.

No matter what grade of guitar Tony Zemaitis made though, he always produced great playing and sounding guitars. Tony Zemaitis always used quality materials and traditional luthier techniques such as 3-piece necks and bodies for strength and stability and only ever made glued-neck construction to ensure the best possible sound.

Tony Zemaitis passed away on August 17, 2002

Greg Lake ordered a few guitars from Tony Zemaitis including a metal front double neck and a highly decorated heart hole acoustic which he smashed up!

Zemaitis 6-string Metal Front™

Zemaitis 12-string Acoustic

Zemaitis Custom Deluxe Metal Front™ Twin Neck (built for Greg Lake in 1973)

This guitar was played by Greg during the 'Get Me A Ladder' Tour in Spring 1973, where the band performed some early versions of 'Still....You Turn Me On' and 'Karn Evil 9 1st Impression Part 2'. It was extremely heavy and Greg did not use it for very long. It was designed to save time when switching quickly between bass and electric guitar. Greg gave it away, and after he found out it was valued at 10,000 £ he wished he would have kept it!

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